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Silver Rounds for the best prices in the United States: Our mint uses state of the art processes and continuously expands its efforts so we can meet the growing demands of our customers. Using the very best methods of producing silver blanks allows us the ability to have very little waste to recycle giving the end user the best prices in the market.

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~ Mission Statement ~

Our mission is to inform the average investor, and the average person who knows nothing of investments and investment markets, of the pitfalls of the fiat money system. Fiat is money backed by nothing. A good example is today's paper currency.

In a fiat money system, money backed by nothing, all paper assets are at great risk. This includes stocks, currency, IRA's, Annuities, etc., and we want to encourage individuals to move their investments and savings into hard tangible assets, where there is greater security. In other words, assets that you can physically hold in your hand. Not an investment that someone tells you that you own, but rather an investment where you can physically touch it.

Silver today, is the most under valued commodity in the world. Each year more silver is consumed in industry than is mined each year. This coupled with a coming explosion in investor, and individual demand, means silver prices will have to be much higher to bring all the silver that is needed to the global market. For the owners of silver, this means greater financial security. And this is just the beginning of our mission. We want you to become debt-free in the process and more self sufficient where there is even greater security.- Frank Williams